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Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts Cashew Nuts first of all you need to know what is cashew, cashew are a kind of crispy food that can be bought in any supermarket in the city. It is a bit like peeled peanuts, but it is slightly longer and crunchier… 


Import Cashew Nuts

Import Cashew Nuts Import Cashew Nuts , Anacardium occidentalie Linn, are a plant of Dicotyledoneae , Asparagaceae , Anacardiaceae, and Cashew . Also known as cassava tree, chicken cashew nut, Jieshou fruit.  Evergreen trees with upright trunks up to 10 meters high. Cashew nuts are a kind of kidney-shaped nut , and are not of the cashew nut genus Anacardiaceae . Native…